Our Trainers


We know that every body is different, and so we employ many great local trainers to support your style and comfort. We will help find you the right trainer who can meet your personality, goals, and schedule.


Robert Dothard

Lead Trainer & Gym Owner

Robert has run trainings around the world, coached and adults alike. He has created decades of workouts in partnership with NBC-Atlanta, CNN, led the 11 Alive workouts for elven+ years, was a trainer on “Biggest Loser,” toured the country with President Clinton, and created Total Body Workout DVDs. He also is a motivational speaker. He grew up as an Army Brat; that love for community and fitness has stayed with him — you can catch him coaching local community hockey or at Fit Family!

tara 2.JPG

Tara Broughton 

Tara Broughton, not only is Nationally Certified, like all of our trainers, she is a competitive athlete just like the other members of her family! She is the type of trainer that "Practices what she Preaches" and we are a better training studio by having her on staff.


Susie Howell

Susie has a passion to help people become fit, healthy, and beautiful. She knows that most people have no idea that it is possible after they reach a certain age. She once thought it was impossible for her, but exceeded her expectations when she began running, strength training, and watching her diet. So, after 20+ years in corporate America, she pursued a new career as a personal trainer so she can help others exceed their expectations. Susie went back to school and is now an advanced certified personal trainer. She has lived in the Smyrna/Vinings area for the past 22 years. Her pets are her children; she has a Lab mix named Natesus and four cats, and a long-time partnership with Paul. She also loves running races (5ks, 10ks, and half marathons), Zumba, and Aerobics.

National certifications include A-CPT, CPR and Red Cross, and PMP (Project Management Professional) and a degree from the National Personal Training Institute and State Technical Institute of Memphis.


Jay Symonette

Jay Symonette is a Nationally Certified Trainer, and a graduate of the National Personal Training Institute. He is a US Army veteran which includes two combat tours in Iraq. Jay brings a cutting edge style of personal training to Fit Family. His clients can expect challenging workouts which are based on variety, carefully designed to maximize each person’s fitness, health potential, and goals. He is married to his college sweetheart and they have three teenage children.


KimLynn York

Fitness and Nutrition is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle.  As a passionate Certified Personal Trainer, and a background in Nursing and Biology, I beleive my life mission is to help people live their better life at the highest quality.  I focus on form, function, and quality  during each exercise with a tailored approach.  I aim to challenge you, push you pass limits, and together we reach the maximal potential of your goals, while expanding a love and respect from the positive effects of health and fitness.


William Julien

William is an ACE Certified trainer and an avid runner, and unless your race number is one or two digits, you will never see him during a race :) William is also very knowledgeable about nutrition and offers great eating advice to his training clients. Finally, if William is your trainer, you will be guaranteed a safe and effective program that is always fresh and never boring!