Our Appointment Policies



We will ALWAYS work with your schedule, and will find trainers with whom you connect with and align with on schedules. If you ask us to open early, we will. If you have a consistent schedule, great; if not, that’s fine - our client portal makes it easy for you to book and request appointments. If you just want to come in and punch something, we’ve got a boxing kit for you. All we ask is respect and kindness with regards to our…


Appointments can be cancelled or moved up to 24 hours in advance. We do not accept same-day cancellations. This is for two reasons:

  1. Our trainers are real people with lives and commitments who have scheduled their day around appointments with clients. Same-day cancellations do not respect our staff’s time or commitment.

  2. Even if you’re not feeling it today, past you made the appointment, past you must’ve thought you needed it, and current you will feel better if you stick with it and just do it. Trust us.


We are equipped to support and train with para-athletes, and have two bathrooms, one handicapped equipped.


We take medical conditions seriously, and all of our certified trainers will work carefully to ensure you are safe during your time with us.