Your private gym.

Customized workouts in private spaces
Workouts are customized for your health and fitness needs. We can accommodate everything from para-almpyic to competitive amateur athlete to someone who’s looking to lose a few pounds and tone up. Our workouts are a blend of cardio and strength.

Our space is separated into truly private workout areas to provide privacy and flexibility. Each space is equipped with a wide variety of workout machines and tools that your trainer will help you with. We enjoy coming up with creative new ways to work out. For example, we have a routine that’s traveler-friendly: luggage weights. Yoga, cross-fit, running - these are all ways of working out that we can incorporate into your personalized routine. Clients can put on their preferred music choices from their phone or XM selections (though we’re a family friendly atmosphere and ask for no profanity) or select a TV option to motivate them (many watch or listen to news or special sports events among other selections!).

A supportive community
Our Fitness Experts know that consistency and trust are critical in build fitness routines and healthier lifestyles. Our space is built entirely to make sure that distractions (cost, privacy, machine wait times) are never an issue. Our trainers work to make sure you’re accountable to your goals, and we take your fitness and health seriously. You will only ever see a few other clients in the other workout rooms, if at all, and if you do, you’ll start to recognize friendly faces — our customers are truly part of our Fit Family. You’ll never wait for a machine here. .