Preparation x Time = Readiness


You might not it believe it looking at me now, but I was a super scrawny kid and I was bullied a lot. I remember seeing the bigger boys playing basketball, and so I would shoot hoops by myself. I grew up on a military base, and I remember a soldier walking by, and he said, “Can you dribble?” I showed him I could. He said, “Can you dribble two?” And I would try until I could do it. And then he said, “Can you dribble two and look up?”

All of a sudden, dribbling one ball is nothing. What that taught me was that my training and my preparation has everything to do with the outcome. The more I studied, the better grades I would get. I learned fitness as mindset.

If you put the time in and challenge yourself, when the real struggles come, you’ll be surprised how ready you are to handle them.

Trainer Robert Dothard